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Thursday, September 10, 1970

help us assemble a guided tour: BRAC bangladesh all the time ; beijing's thinkinchina all the time Jeju's Green Big Bang Club any time - mumbai june aiib2018 argentina july 2018 franciscan g20 tokyo july 2019 japan g20 and summer olympics full of alibaba happiness 2020; anywhere determined to help chinese or others learn english as second language 10 times more affordably than the pre-mobile era .help checklist most valuable questions parent can ever ask school about courses- 1 does this course have dashboard and what alumni nets will my child always be in after this? 2 what makes your version of curriculum different than any other and if it is a free government sponsored curriculum how does it compare with versions other parents pay for..................................................................................... Breaking Spring 2015 Stanford ONdemand introducing dashboard AF1 isabella wm ‏@globalgrameen 2m2 minutes ago #africandiaspora https://share.coursera.org/wiki/index.php/Africandiaspora … http://www.dashboarduni.com http://africanidol.tv . khan academy became the clearest dashboard elearning channel with course in maths around 2008 but which will be the 20 most valuable top 20 dashboards becasue they are so innovatively to do with everything determining millennials sustainability- rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc mobile 240 316 8157 ......model of yazmi now partners all-jobs rich cuuricula and transformed models of education links DC 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Boston 0 1 2 3 4 SanF 1 2 Americas : H Pa Co Pe Ch Asia BRAC Grameen Lucknow Africa Kenya 1 2 S.Africa 1 Yazmi could be the best news in 44 yearsof celebrating every way that elearning media can be the opposite of mass tv the point is develop a curriculum that you can show a class of 25 benefits from then lets try and place the curriculum everywhere- eg yazmi asked to search out 4000*25 =100000 student curricula for gambia! =============generalise this! big opportunity now- bernardo imagine you were starting khan academy now but instead of maths you are doing preferential option poor with gutierrez or jim kim or social mba cases of ENS global- what are the first short training modules you need so everyone knows to come back to you first to own content editing of dashboard curricula - first to be mass circulated by yazmi- must have a favorite curriculum before lima world bank yera 2015 starts start of october in fact rome wants to know -Don Bruno Lima's english speaking assistant as soon as we make real start with eg gutierrez- same dashboard relevant wherever pope visits and tells leaders to get back to investing in next generation ===================== i am desperately hoping model of how do you own beginings of dashboard is already easy to do wth main course of taddys, and mandela extranet temporary purpose of my web www.socialbusiness.tv is so mostofa can have one more go at explaining to yunus how much he is missing - or ditto sir fazle abed then re-do it to explain to the economist, jobs-and end poverty systems being the hippocratic oath of real economists see also economistuniversity.com creative children -key to 21st c economics and sustainability- image economistuniversity.com creative children -key to 21st c... What a pity that world service media failed to share/celebrate the whole truth of these most wondrous human development stories uniting human race to end poverty Ja... View on www.economistuni... Preview by Yahoo diaries 2015- spring - 2 earth moving meets this week- in washington DC with founder of ICAF largest/happiest youth summit process in world - in dubai with Hiro one of Japan's greatest partners in youth futures -summer can we help amma dashboard un july 8? taddy blecher (mandela extranet) dashboard july 9? icaf dasbboard july3? fall- can we produce first (POP) preferential option poor dashboard in time for pope francis septmebr 23 and Lima start of world bank year 2015 Lead 4 minute video on most connected flows through dashboard Science of delivery -reasonable students expectations of proof 1 4 minute video- can dc region be worldwide collaboration benchmark african diaspora capital introduce messages on what collabs world would miss if we didnt exist from 1.1 diasporas assembled inside elites- eg world bank african diaspora summit (alumn 400); young africa society (alumni 800) 1.2 diaspora networks from highly concentrated living spaces of practice diaspora - eg silver spring's friends of ihubs, friends of elearning africa (eg alumni addis 2015, uganda 2014), friends of diaspora festivals and sister city movements Show first case of big investment in value chain being connected with knowledge or incubation support from diaspora Answer whether world bank wants to partner dashboard by setting up on-demand coursera of african diaspora at its open elearning campus Provide organigram of who inside world bank answers next action questions on behalf of stated diaspora alumni nets and related groups (eg tech millennials athgo, world youth summit of world bank (alumn 3000), traditional african society inside world bank (membership 2000), african speakers at http://www.tedxwbg.com/ -note compere of african diaspora summit co-founder of africa tedx) https://www.microlinks.org/good-practice-center/value-chain-wiki 6 years ago usaid started publishing wiki of value chains -can a shortlist of agricultural cases verifiable to diaspora become accepted as worldwide student library - compare with eg global social health cases open sourced by harvard and kim/farmer/porter at http://www.ghdonline.org/cases/ which are other 2 biggest diaspora capitals -one us, one worldwide- can they be invited to offer response video how does student join unified listserve of events and webinars connecting all diaspora nets 2 4 minute video from kim and ki-moon explaining how they fan active win-win connections between african identity as one of 4 they talk about most impacting sustainability - other 3 being women, china and catholic (franscican values model links to all sustained bottom up development economies and south america with lima kim's one choice for starting world bank year (2015) out of dc during his 5 year term) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopq6yGfmFAtlFz5y_iRZN_jGI9sKTd4j video could be edited by world bank youth film producer pabsy with 90 second of new content linking videos already made on 2030 now and invitations to millennials/diaspora to pitch solutions to sustainability goals Look for proof of how world leaders eg wish to help students when you say that most of workforce in 2040 will come from africa and china - drill proof down by each sustainability goals most transparent conflict Respond to hard cases- students wanted/hoped there would be a curricula living up to mandela's knowhow- main opportunity to do this was broken by quarrels between african remaining live nobel peace laureate and china; from student view this is disastrous as wanted win-win relationships with china; and women and all goodwill faiths- ============================== jottings around 44 years of work on dashboard of Entrepreneurial Revolution ..DashboardUni.com asks how much the half of the world aged under 29 value The Economist's curriculum of100% Job Rich world. ....and why do parents in the half of the world aged over 29 devalue open learning of such goodwill sustaining curricula In 1984 Keynsians' book on net generation predicted that all which 21st C could be will depend on peoples' consciousness everywere by 2005 that: gaps in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations will be man's greatest risk Since 1972 our main freedom of speech concern has been : will the net generation be sustainable as the amount spent on communications in ricer nations rises exponentially from about 3% in 1948 to over 20% of all monetary and human investment #2015now online library of norman macrae-- Today we like to contrast 3 4 minute video clip re-edited from diaspora summit extracting main budget holders biggest pleas for diaspora interaction Why not create a youtube pitch joyful pitch space of students questioning how they can help or link student teams- cf part 1 of 3 of the year round mit incubation model -permit submission as transcript treated privately where idea is unsafe for a student alone to voice 4 4 minute video starting search for which africa countries already have a continent lead benchmark (eg kenya mpesa, rwanda pih epicentre,,); subvideo - how is digital youth or womens empowerment leading this in africa vis a vis corresponding digital leapfrogging in other developing regions Help accelerate round africa debate - does each country's millennials feel proudest of what? if nothing proud of as benchmark what does that say about equity of foreign assistance or current state of leadership Note africa24tv in paris has 80 journalists dedicated to best industry news by and for african and one of its founding directors previously worked for ibrahim foundation

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