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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Of dr yunus' 12 collaboration partners , the most important one of all is the Bangladesh catalogue of social business models 1976-2005 - rough listing at http://socialbusiness.tv/ which we created as a commitment to dr yunus on our 7 meeting during the 2 year process of connecitng 1000 round the world readers . this is the core of CP1- it provides hundreds of cases of 10 times more economics ways of sustaining community exchanges when done micro and poorest up

all of yunus literature to 2005 focused on this social business system design model, and most of book 1 on social business did; but for some reason he now wants to call global social business the standard SB model

this is confusing to outsiders because the economics of the original SB model and the economics of collaboration partnerships have nothing in common except in as far as being grounded on CP1's channels and hubs that represent the poorest the way that 33 years of Bangladesh community building was built


Fortunately a london team led by sofia http://londoncreativelabs.com/ http://sbworld.tv , chris http://worldclassbrands.tv/ http://trilliondollaraudit.com/ and tav and mark were the last group to do 10 hours of video filming of grameen leaders (the day before the opening of the nobel museum in mirpur summer 2008) while they still talked Micro SB - see eg http://yunus10000.com/ or ask for transcripts of you will explain your need

meanwhile we will interview as many of the first 100 global social business alumni as possible- and try and clarify when they are sb modeling micro and when they are modeling sbglobal; and we also invite world t help us animate dialogues around the biggest job creation topics than can be played now that collaboration is the new source of innovation as well as the greatest risk of all if you partner a system whose lack of conflict auditing is about to value multiply everything by zero - think wall street or think dotcoms for chain reactions of zerosiations where decent communities and hard working people were put in harms way- loss of sustainability always hits the most innocent forts; ironically if we dont resolve climate crisis the 100 million people who gave the world social business modeling will be drowned first

Monday, December 21, 2009

This is an approximate timeline of health knowledge and services connected along Grameen's micro Social Business Journey - we welcome edits

1976 grameen project starts with 4 people including Dr Yunus and the only woman co-founder Mrs Begum
it is soon clear that before women can profit from loans they need to communally support each other and share health knowledge particularly since the average health is very poor - illiterate village woman close to starvation were in 1970s still expected to breed about 8 children, with 2 likely to be lost in infanthood to diarrhea -ironically curable given simple knowhow of the right mix of sugar, salts and clean water; smaller familiies and 60 village women communities looking after each other were the core design that grameen village centre banking chose

in those days village women did not exit their homes when strangers were in the village and only women could knock on their doors; so dr yunus often sat in the middle of the village surrounded by childrem; he soon noted most were night blind; this started grameen banks first nutritional social business service - cartoot seeds which it members bought in tiny one cent packets making grameen bank also the largest seeds reatiler in the country!

next came the need for the lowest cost safe home - constructed round as a hut with monsooon proof roof, cyclone proof pilars and a pit latrine- about 700,000 housing loans only for this safe family dweilling have been made by grameen, and the design soom got an aga khan prize for architecture

it wasnt until 1992 that a specific health diagnostics branch of grameen was founded http://www.grameenkalyan.org/

it should be noted that the other great Bangladeshi social entreprise network BRAC was the earliest in to rural-wide training of oral rehydration and this also became the platform for informal door to door saleswomen of basic medicines themselves microfinabced by BRAC

in these ways by the early 1990s, the foundations of the world's most economical micro up rural health systems had been developed; but in grameen's case it wasn't until winning the Nobel Prize and forming the first global grameen corporate brand partnership with the French Global brand company Danone that worldwide collaboration partners in heath could be easily searched, and Global Grameen could aim to be world's number 1 brand by 2015