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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

continuous updating aiverygood - latest march madness 2024 rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk-

update 2024 july 4 please debate whether you want intelligence or independence everywhere 

cf King Charles AI world series (charles = freeman in German)




updates at home page of EconomistEnglish.net -what if King Charles love of all next generations 

connected intelligence superstars everywhere English codes loving human relationships?

NB Gameboards of AI VeryGood1000 help U facilitate urgent choice of links & trust-flows

Alternatively how's your life's time & data banked?

Actions : Assemble data on humans whose alumni are scaling Very Good
-(eg as defined by multilateral goals designed for millennials to be first 
renewable generation. Updates SummitFuture Sept 2024 - 
after which we ask for one time contribution of 10$.

ENGLISH LARGE LANGUAGE MEDIATING: Let's start (as tech genii do when learning english as second language -  by observing by one accident of English language : artificial just means man-made by engineers. 2025report - after 75 years of interview survey first designed by Von Neumann - we disagree with Hinton's timing scenario. For at least another decade, bad, mad or isolated people are the extreme danger (AI are not independent of their engineering designers and investors and anti-social media manipulators -to be frightened by this is to fall victim to media or sci fi ignorance as much as startrek expecting bodily teleportation if taken literally; however minds are now linkedin without borders!)

As for learning curves, our view of human rights inclusion sees the world with lenses the NET gave the world between 1905 and their sudden disappearance in 1957. My family is biased since dad , Norman Macrae surviving world war 2 as teen navigator allied bomber command Burma, was pre-trained by Von Neumann 1951 to train economists and media folk in the system questions the Net hoped their engines for augmenting human brains and autonomous gov of worldwide data ops would compound. However all errors are mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Wash DC Easter Day 2024

NET began with Einstein in 1905 publishing nature's true maths - inconveniently much more detailed than Newton's (all prior science).Neumann was almost a gen younger than Einstein and Turing another gen younger. By end of world war 1 Neumann was linking in all kinds of maths related to Einstein and both as Jews in Central Europe were conscious that science used badly can end our species. Sadly of all the good Einstein alumni could have mapped with Nature's new maths, the race to the atom bomb took over. By 1932 both Neumann/Einstein had emigrated to Princeton New Jersey as a safe space for allies of good to win the nuclear race versus bads of hitler/stalin. They were co-located for over 20 years. Though by start of world war 2, Einstein was now philosopher not a great operational mathematician. It was Neumann who connected States wide projects on nature's fusion and other new maths. Turing had visited Princeton fron London between 1937-9. Neumann had spotted Turing - coding. computing was a fun (human-assisting) idea Turing was birthing. Neumann couldn't get visa for Turing who went back to London Bletchley where he organised teams that cracked the Enigma code. Neumann visite Turing and they conceived computer.

Perhaps Hassabis natural ai science needed Blackwell's 200 billion transistor chips to advance climate or biotech good solutions. Definitely every educator could gain from celebrating ai-4-all with Li (an Ngo Huang and Melinda Gates sponsored Li to platform for diversity of engineerings sake from 2014, and to pre-train congress from 2018)

Enter commonwealth good AI summits connected by Kings and Queens. We see the purpose of good royals as intergeneration renewability, generative and win-win trade mapping; let alone large language cultural mediation between mother tongues and Einstein maths. As far as the mess the old world shipping coastlines were in at end of world war 2 : three royals had the most data - those of UK, Japan, Netherlands. EconomistJapan.com Accidentally a 17 year old prince charles was first asked to mediate Japan Empire family when delegated to attend Tokyo Olympics. Whence King Charles Turing AI world series can be the most exciting relay map of whose hosting summit future good intel millennials need most.

ED: We aim (with your help) to web in another 996 humans coded by the forementioned goods:

climate ai

biotech ai

compute platforms of deepest local-global data sovereignty

Computers whose vision grows up with the same 20000 objects infants grow up with- alumni of Li have ended need to be an expert in bill gates style binary programming- you can now describe innovation challenges at living planet object levels. Wouldnt every educator, parent, community want kids to be fee to learn this?

Ok our databank is very rough. Organised as a simple word file, we include above and other codes to sort by. And a column associating a good human with unique connections her or his alumni celebrate linking in. Of course if your good is inspired by starting up a different first 4 of 21st C believers in millennials good (redefining education as how we all improve each others service intelligences), or a different post-war free generation triad than the NET , go for it: edit your thousand very good databank accordingly and if you wish join us in openai verygood worldclassllm.com ai20s.com EconomistEnglish.net Economistarts.com



ES: Breaking in time for March Madness 2024: AI Superstar duet testimonies include: Melinda Gates & A'Ja Wilson; Benioff & King ; Naomi Osaka ; who'll next muliply king charles ai world series

 www.AIVERYGOOD.com Engineers Compass

This compass integrates 7Xponential magic powers - since 1950 power 6 brainworkers engines; power 7 Autonomous gov2.0 engines; according to the NeumannEinsteinTuring who gave us these 2 intel superpowers 2000s humans would need to pretrain AI WHY (Womens*Humans*Youth) and 2010s would need to pretrain for GPU's million times more comp empowering world gov2.0 www.economistdiary.com/2010 notable celebrations since November 2023 come from 3KJHALAB -thats 3 kingdoms ai world series mediated by King Charles; the purpose of 20 regional nfts and gpu clusters clarified by Nvidia Jensen Huang and UAE ALolama and the 2.0 visioning of multilateral purpose by Ajay Banga to integrate livable planet with ending poverty traps www.economistwomen.com www.ai20s.com; - diary of www.unsummitfuture.com is really hotting up eg can you help saleforce benioff and Billie Jean King unite superstars ai with Paris Olympics the 3k ai world series and uniting millennials as SD generative race further refs engines type 4.5 emerged around switzerland - worldwide coms ITU band electricity from 1865; transporation engines beginning railways scaled in some places from 1820s;; the scottish diaspora gifted humans combustion engines and automation civics from 1758 with amazing diaries by Smith on last time nature freed markets ethics and first 16 years of carbon engineering during which Irish sensibly banned the English from ruling USA waves. The quadrillion question returned 2009 when natural ai neuroscientists met stanford 2009 -special thanks to LHK & 3 Taiwanese American families without whom AIverygood would already be deader than monty pythons parrot

sightings welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk associate AIgames.solar bard.solar worldclassLLM.com ed3dao.com mathsadao.com and 20 Economist Blogs of future worlds we see from NET journalist est 1951 established by The Economist and training sessions withNeumann-Einstein-Turing on computers & brains

bits of pm sunak interview with elon musk https://twitter.com/RishiSunak/status/1720187297558065441
 turned aiverygood eg sunak commitment to education with ai tutors 

but also parts sounded far too easy 

there were so many people at bletchley that sunak could have done quick fireside chats in to get rounded view - eg hassabis sitting in front row
outside of big corporates, aiverygood leapt forward around fei-fei li hosting imagenet - training computers to see what humans can see- 3 professors engaged very seriously through the 8 year of expoentially deeper training  - Yann LeCun (NY), Hinton (Torinto) , Bengio (Montreal) - conseqeunce together these  four have trained most of today's hottest ai wizards- out in a few days the full more nuanced story of wirld I see with  fei-fei Li thorough 15 year entrepreneurial revolution since being welcomed to stanford 2009; that year she met the otherunder30s newly minter neuroscience-tech doctor - demis hassabis - science has never seen such rapid leaps as team Hassabis Deep Mind/Google Brain now oit of London and HAI Valley

Thanks to Antonio Guterres and his order of selecting intel friends- August 2023 together with world class linguistic translation uniting 1001 cultures' intents,

 we are now alive to the first time 8 billion beings explore what human intelligence can architect very good media .

 To see why such freedom has taken so long to vision,  education as a system and millennials as the last generation capable of preventing extinction need to understand accidents associated with the birth of television age and  unitiing earthlings around international telecoms; Switzerland 1920s was where worldiwde tel-engineering was technically born but Von Neumann and Einstein soon decided it was safer to help world design that out of princeton; the question arises wen in 1945 worldwide coms and comps engineering policy was handed to NY UN HQ why did it take 78 years for our human worlds to see very good media?


August 2023

 _guteres chooses hois persona ai top advisory team; as UNB2 roadmap has dmoe'd since 2017 one day soon Nations Rating will depend on quality of highest lAI advisory & whether lawyers actually want publics to access AI best for millennial sustainability https://press.un.org/en/2023/sga2223.doc.htm more thanks to bard-assisted tracking at worldclassllm.com

Among ten reasons why LLMs are the portals to web3 and any good media of 2020s is progress NLP

https://media.nature.com/original/magazine-assets/d41586-023-01907-z/d41586-023-01907-z.pdf?pdf=button%20sticky    https://blog.allenai.org/sunsetting-cord-19-239fb2f9ff4a

Breakthrough of NLP first made in lit review cord19 of covid- Nature updates us on which academin publication monopolies most need unblocking - eg climate ai

April in D c attended one of the first annual bbefeings of AI.gov - there the chat gpt llm moonshot was clarified- there will soon be more LLMs than there are langauges- they are the new portal to web3 - bye bye to any metaverse addicetd to googgles; every advanced country needs multiples llms to malke sure nothing only known in its laguage is left out of the web3 fusion;plugins may be to llms to waht key apps were $g bigegst digotals; now milennails know what teh race is- can verygoollm outrace the others

Monday, January 30, 2023


 The Advisory Board will include seven eminent scholars as well as the Chief Scientists of UN system entities, the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, and the Rector of the UN University (UNU). Serving as “a hub for a network of scientific networks,” the Board will support efforts towards a better interface between the scientific community and decision making in the UN.

The Board’s primary objective is “to provide independent insights on trends at the intersection of science, technology, ethics, governance and sustainable development.” It will collaborate with its network to support the UN’s work “for people, planet and prosperity” by “anticipating, adapting to and leveraging the latest scientific advancements.”

Acknowledging that scientific and technological progress can support progress towards the SDGs while also “giving rise to ethical, legal and political concerns that require multilateral solutions,” Guterres said the new Scientific Advisory Board “will strengthen the role of the United Nations as a reliable source of data and evidence.”

The critical role of science in supporting global governance and decision making is being increasingly recognized. Recent highlights include:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) leverage science to support policymakers’ efforts to address the crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, respectively. Talks are underway towards a Science-policy Panel on Chemicals and Waste to bridge the science-policy gap in the area of chemicals, waste, and pollution.