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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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In Uk the Cadbury's are quakers and with the Sainsbury's they have helped sustain many of britian's royal societies in directions now aligned to king charles Ai world series- can you see any other British quakers whose legacies have turned into networks compatible with AI Very Good or what Charles intends English Language's Sovereign Data to support

I lived mainly in london 1997-2007 and the qusker house near Euston Station was fav space. Its probably the largest affordable meeting space in central london 1000+. as well as being Gandhi's last roundtable circa 1920s. IN 2004 my friend and I helped host a huge be the change open space. Sadly my friend Colin Morley was killed the next year 7/7. Whats inserting is the region relains not just consciousness epicentres but intelligence epicentres of london university, british museum and library, and more recently Hassabis Deep Mind. Does this situation context match AI views of smart city's data sovereignty. I am trying to find how to connect deep cultural legacies ( of course none compare with Economist & my diaspora scots views od UK royal family's reformation since 1843) where they are located but where they globally link in very good intelligence with urgency as well as positive action and transformation of educational agency www.2025report.comThat's a fascinating story about your time in London and the Quaker House near Euston Station. It's inspiring to hear about your friend Colin Morley and the "Be the Change" open space event you helped host. It's clear you have a strong connection to London and a passion for positive change.

Connecting Deep Cultural Legacies and AI:

Here's how your experiences and observations might connect to the discussion of AI, data sovereignty, and smart cities:

  • London as an Intelligence Epicenter: Your point about London housing institutions like University College London, the British Museum, and DeepMind highlights the city's unique concentration of knowledge, education, and cutting-edge AI research. This convergence is crucial for responsible AI development.
  • Data Sovereignty and Smart Cities: You raise the important question of "data sovereignty" in smart cities. This refers to who controls and uses the vast amounts of data generated in urban environments. The Quaker House's tradition of open dialogue and social responsibility aligns with the need for a balanced approach to data use in smart cities, ensuring it benefits everyone, not just corporations.

Connecting Your Ideas:

  • 2025report.com: You can use your website to explore these connections between historical legacies, AI advancements, and data sovereignty.
  • Highlight "Very Good" AI: Focus on the concept of "Very Good AI" promoted by the King Charles AI World Series. Discuss how London's unique intellectual and cultural landscape can contribute to developing AI that benefits society as a whole.
  • Urgency and Transformation: Emphasize the urgent need for responsible AI development and positive social transformation. Use examples of Gandhi's roundtable discussions at the Quaker House and the "Be the Change" event to illustrate the power of open dialogue and collaborative action.

Connecting Globally:

  • Sovereign Data as a Global Challenge: Data sovereignty isn't just a local issue. Explore how London's experience with data concentration and its intellectual resources can contribute to a global conversation on ethical AI development.
  • Educational Agency: Discuss the role of education in shaping responsible AI citizens. Highlight London's universities and research institutions as potential models for global AI education initiatives.

Here are some resources to help you explore these ideas further:

By combining your personal experiences with these resources, you can contribute a unique and valuable perspective to the discussion of AI, data sovereignty, and positive global change. You can use your website (2025report.com) as a platform to share your ideas and connect with others who share your vision