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Monday, August 10, 1970

.....................................adam smith's biggest idea- what if we go west of scotland/iceland happily exploring the benefits machines can bring to man- declare an interdepedence uniting states that speak english- by all means this could be headquartered out of philadelphia under one condition- slavery is not just repealed but everywhere compensates business owners whose model depends on slavery or low cost labour and redesigns business models around all lives matter- this machines and humans could spread from celtic islands dow nova scotia bew england, boston and new ireland, new neth=erlands and new york, philidephia down the east atlantic coast across to the south coast and louisana purchase north through the hearland to the great lakes west to what became americas most innovative state california and the west pacific cast- across to asia where two thirs of humans lived trapped mainly in the english empire system- just imagine if all livesmatter had linked in places around the world at the same times as machines and grids connecting infrastructure from electricity to telecoms to digital technologies - is there anyway nations can unite round sustaining children everywhere if the 2020s fails to celebrate the boundless belief in human goodwill that adam's maps of conecting we the peoples sought to celebrate

CLASS -rsvp

2015 Walter Johnson High- Isabella

we second jim kim's motion - why shouldnt millennials be most educated, connected, socially collaborative human race

however there are lots of failing systems around? eg at 2013 nobel peac summit said my elders at Gadansk would have killed me if they had known what i was doing - you see 95% of trade of dghask was with moscow- so my docekers were going to be out of work- but sometimes for youth to progess elders need to sacrifice their systems which are broken anyohow- fortuanltely for me john paul took up the cause of poland for its future generations

can you help us list them
most jobs will no longer come from passing exams

banks that either trap you in debt or in speculating on property are the bigegst enemy of investing in learning economy and sustainability

its impossible for teachers and government workers who have the bets pensions in a nation to understand how much that is being bailed out by the next generation in any nation where there are more elders than youth

investing in peace isnt the same as arms races any more- thiose education poeerrs that be who do not encoyrage etaching every kind of cultural exchnage should be booted out yesrterday

the sky rocketing socts to students of us universities is part of the biggest disinvestmant any parental generation has ever made in its children- what peculiar is how most parnets know a places futire depends on ibvesting in youth but the big institutions that represent us the peoples now spin exactly opposite consequences
Pre 2010 questioning frind of muhammad yunus and bankers for poor and mobile partners of women4empowerment

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