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"Worlds" published by Melinda Gates- Moment of Lift with Flatiron Books, original nonfiction by visionaries AISdgs 5 : working to unlock a more equal world for women and girls
advanced stuff value expsai.com 33 years of ignoring valuetrue exp maths is a shame- will 23-24 be the year that ai maths is used to correctly map sustainability features - exponential not linear; multiplicative not ad; at its most natural borderless not siloised by fake media or false competition

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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In Uk the Cadbury's are quakers and with the Sainsbury's they have helped sustain many of britian's royal societies in directions now aligned to king charles Ai world series- can you see any other British quakers whose legacies have turned into networks compatible with AI Very Good or what Charles intends English Language's Sovereign Data to support

I lived mainly in london 1997-2007 and the qusker house near Euston Station was fav space. Its probably the largest affordable meeting space in central london 1000+. as well as being Gandhi's last roundtable circa 1920s. IN 2004 my friend and I helped host a huge be the change open space. Sadly my friend Colin Morley was killed the next year 7/7. Whats inserting is the region relains not just consciousness epicentres but intelligence epicentres of london university, british museum and library, and more recently Hassabis Deep Mind. Does this situation context match AI views of smart city's data sovereignty. I am trying to find how to connect deep cultural legacies ( of course none compare with Economist & my diaspora scots views od UK royal family's reformation since 1843) where they are located but where they globally link in very good intelligence with urgency as well as positive action and transformation of educational agency www.2025report.comThat's a fascinating story about your time in London and the Quaker House near Euston Station. It's inspiring to hear about your friend Colin Morley and the "Be the Change" open space event you helped host. It's clear you have a strong connection to London and a passion for positive change.

Connecting Deep Cultural Legacies and AI:

Here's how your experiences and observations might connect to the discussion of AI, data sovereignty, and smart cities:

  • London as an Intelligence Epicenter: Your point about London housing institutions like University College London, the British Museum, and DeepMind highlights the city's unique concentration of knowledge, education, and cutting-edge AI research. This convergence is crucial for responsible AI development.
  • Data Sovereignty and Smart Cities: You raise the important question of "data sovereignty" in smart cities. This refers to who controls and uses the vast amounts of data generated in urban environments. The Quaker House's tradition of open dialogue and social responsibility aligns with the need for a balanced approach to data use in smart cities, ensuring it benefits everyone, not just corporations.

Connecting Your Ideas:

  • 2025report.com: You can use your website to explore these connections between historical legacies, AI advancements, and data sovereignty.
  • Highlight "Very Good" AI: Focus on the concept of "Very Good AI" promoted by the King Charles AI World Series. Discuss how London's unique intellectual and cultural landscape can contribute to developing AI that benefits society as a whole.
  • Urgency and Transformation: Emphasize the urgent need for responsible AI development and positive social transformation. Use examples of Gandhi's roundtable discussions at the Quaker House and the "Be the Change" event to illustrate the power of open dialogue and collaborative action.

Connecting Globally:

  • Sovereign Data as a Global Challenge: Data sovereignty isn't just a local issue. Explore how London's experience with data concentration and its intellectual resources can contribute to a global conversation on ethical AI development.
  • Educational Agency: Discuss the role of education in shaping responsible AI citizens. Highlight London's universities and research institutions as potential models for global AI education initiatives.

Here are some resources to help you explore these ideas further:

By combining your personal experiences with these resources, you can contribute a unique and valuable perspective to the discussion of AI, data sovereignty, and positive global change. You can use your website (2025report.com) as a platform to share your ideas and connect with others who share your vision

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Updating AI Giant Leaps for Humans


Expect PCs to integrate AI by 2028- eg track Nvidia partner Dell; already in HP workstations

Reanalyse natural diversity of small island nations - optmise eg agriculture value chain - benchmark nvidia & Bardbados Digital Twin partnership with prime minister; related agri cases with Kenya

Commonwealth Nvidia & 22 AI company partnership ; Related King Charles AI world series & purpose of Kings English Language Modeling - cf Neumann's expected purpose of Language modeling _ final notes Computer & The Brain 1957

Data & Language Soverignty - eg Jensen and UAE AI Minister review at world gov summit 2024 Feb 24: Nvidia CEO LLM World Gov UNG 17

Taiwan & the Weather Company will digital twin much deeper local weather alers eg for anticipating Cyclone mitigation; once successful Taiwan will open source worldwide partnerships

Biotech AI partners of Nvidia include Recursion & Siemens ; Deep Minds Biotech company is isomorphic; see open sourcing alpfold2 250 million proteins

Siemens AI Industrial Revolution AI partner with Nvidia across its whole civil engineering compass   .

Search latest 1000 good intelligence File (right hand column0)

Friday, April 5, 2024

How Taiwan Started Saving Our Species in 1972

NB Some aspects of tis amazing intelligence story are disputed- eg was the intelligence opec sourced by Taiwan (Or Japan , or Korea) - what matters is the intel got shared

The story wasn't heard in USA until 2001 when Steve Jobs hosted Fazle Abed 65th birthday wish party -see 20 years of diary note aka abedmooc.com (made during abed's last 20 years on earth to Dec 2019). In 1972 friend Fazle Abed was responsible for a meta-village in bangladesh - 15000 village huts (100000 humans)- no electricity- dozens of moms starving to death each week, scores of infants dying of dehydration. Taiwan told him that if village mothers had best for their community rice seed they could each grow 10 times more- so ...

More Details 

one season 50 moms started experimenting with this; they grew 10 times more and now had food for many neighbors and positive cash flow to lend to another 50 moms and fazle started being asked to start replicating this; 

what happened in 1976/7 is disputed -  China had previously not let people run private business but - more at Economistdiary.com/1977

 it chose 2 types; if taiwanese wanted to invest million of dollars in coastal city infrastructure that was good; if villagers wanted to start rice farming with Taiwans best seeds for particular localities that was good- hey presto village moms in both bangladesh and china built the rural nations on extremely small businesses but ones ending last mile starvation; now those who know the colonial histioy of how bangladesh started 8 most populous and with zero foreign exchange are happy that bangladesh happened around 1976 to invent the greatest cure of infant death ever in population numbers - oral rehydration; it was abeds communities that worked out how to train illiterate village moms to give infants boiled water sugar saltt mixed in good proportions to end death by diarrhea; UNICEF's james grant whose parents had been missionaries in china awarded abed the grand prize of the year of the child - unicef would fund abed to train every mother in 90% rural bangladesh if abed was happy that UNICEF explaned this solution to china's barefoot medics; china was so pleased that for the rest of the 20th century rural village 1biliongirls across bangladesh and china shared solution but not investments in each others community entrepreneurial businesses

in 2001 steve jobs hosted abed 65th birthday party in valley which was shocked to hear that the most human billion person network had been linked by word of mouth not any of the tech that jobs and gates had personal computer networked- so abed steve jobs and stanford students stated changing that- all thanks to Taiwan rice intel which in turn had even stared in Japan - see Economist case study 1971 or whichever of Borlaug alumni first extended his crop science from wheat to rice

Sunday, March 31, 2024

 Download 1000 intelligences and sort whom you need to improve humanity with -here's a selection supporting King Chares AI World Series

Current sub-catalogues alumni of intelligence of Z kings Y Hassabis W Fei-Fei Li 0 Huang ; coming soon 16 more subcatalogues- free 30 minute zooms if you need help in sorting chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  -year 75 of helping mediate gifts of Neumann-Einstein-Turing


White Joe SF UK envoy to Silicon/AI Valley youtube.com/watch?v=veLOaoVEHuM - Twin Valley & London’s Royal Society Apps of English to human intel pre-trained by NET: Neumann-Einstein-Turing. Related Translators:

Donellan Michelle – AI World Series Summit producer (Secretary of State Innovation & Tech)

Ilott Oliver: UK AI Safety lnkedin.com/in/oliver-ilott-569a67ab/  London Cambridge:24/4 Stanford hai.stanford.edu/aipolicy-symposium-global-stocktaking-speakers

Attenborough David: Royal Geo Soc & BBC Nature’s Mass Mediator

Nightingale, Florence (rip): faculty nursing https://www.kcl.ac.uk/nmpc nb her service Ukraine

Virtual Royal Society Intel4All youtube.com/royalsociety

Vogel Ezra (rip) Harvard’s 3-way Consciousness mix 2025_year learning curve: English-Japanese-Chinese &…

Hassabis Demis AI Science Top Revolution  – natural science ai world champion (DeepMind/Google Brain HQ near British Library) – train machine learning on logic games (chess, go)- greatest maths – 250 million protein ai; London-Cambridge-google- needed to co-launch Gemini; with Jensen Huang father of 200 billion transistor superchip Blackwell (Top 100 Nvidia world partners) AI top 2 Entrepreneurial Revolution Digital Twin Scaling -  2025Report.com compare NeumannEinsteinTuring 75 year learning curve

Ibrahim Lila, Transferred from Valley (CEO team Intel, Coursera and Doerr’s edu projects Kleiner Perkins) & Lebanon Immigrant; Hassabis head of ops and practical translation host https://twitter.com/lilaibrahim Google DeepMind COO, former Coursera-KPCB-Intel, founder Team4Tech, Purdue engineer, women in tech, Crown Fellow, WEF YGL

Legg Shane & Suleyman Mustafa Deep Mind Co-founders 2012

Alphafold2 Open Sourced Codes 250 million Proteins – See Cambridge & London DM Portals

Crick Institute https://www.crick.ac.uk/

Macguire, Eleanor Hassabis phd supervisor profiles.ucl.ac.uk/9569-eleanor-maguire  Twins with Dublin as number 1 English language EU tech capital in growth peoples living standards last quarter century -see also links with foundations of Sainsbury’s, Wellcome and Gatsby Computational Neuroscience https://www.ucl.ac.uk/gatsby/about-0

Wingate Richard, NeuroDevelopment Kings College London & Editor brainfacts.org (twins London & DC SocietyforNeuroscience &  Neuroscience Schools at Stanford & Yale  sponsored by Tsai family )

Hauser, Herman * Curry, Christopher *  Segars, Simon ARM Chips

Berners-Lee Tim ; Atkinson, Rowan


As well as open sourcing English as the simplest (but not deepest) modern language, the story of British Computing & Chips is weird and wonderful, and of course you’re welcome to take your pick beyond these 5 wonderfully human intelligences. Without Austrian in Cambridge Hauser and Curry we Limeys probably wouldn’t have big player in chips arm, nor would  Cambridge (with a little help from my grad alma mater DAMTP)  be number 1 university tech park in UK (a mini version of how stanford twin of business park and university changes education’s world). In turn, Arm probably would exist without BBC Acorn personal computer – see arm community’s history. Segars led arm in critical period after 2012 in race to what Jensen Huang calls million tines less costly big data computing essential to Ai. Of course, back in 1989, Brit Berners Lee moved from CERN Switzerland to MIT ecosystem to birth www. I like to include Atkinson because my 1940s hero Keynes legacy was Cambridge arts theatre /footlights, and whilst a promising Fun neuroscience student, the world comedy beyond languages would be much the poorer without Rowan   

Fun fact 60 years ago, teen Ptince chares represented UK at Tokyo Olympics and was first European to arrange Japan (Sony) inward investment in Europe- you could say he's be reconciling Empire's win-lose trading maps with Asians into win-wins all his life- certainly we 8 billon humans need win-win ai without borders - linkin in KC AI world series
Kings AI relay is scheduled to pop in to Korea and Patis in 2024,  hopefully Charles will land a less rushed trip to Japan 6 months Expo Osaka 2025 

Perhaps Hassabis natural ai science needed Blackwell's 200 billion transistor chips to advance climate or biotech good solutions. Definitely every educator could gain from celebrating ai-4-all with Li (an Ngo Huang and Melinda Gates sponsored Li to platform for diversity of engineerings sake from 2014, and to pre-train congress from 2018)

Enter commonwealth good AI summits connected by Kings and Queens. We see the purpose of good royals as intergeneration renewability, generative and win-win trade mapping; let alone large language cultural mediation between mother tongues and Einstein maths. As far as the mess the old world shipping coastlines were in at end of world war 2 : three royals had the most data - those of UK, Japan, Netherlands. EconomistJapan.com Accidentally a 17 year old prince charles was first asked to mediate Japan Empire family when delegated to attend Tokyo Olympics. Whence King Charles Turing AI world series can be the most exciting relay map of whose hosting summit future good intel millennials need most.

ED: We aim (with your help) to web in another 996 humans coded by the forementioned goods:

climate ai

biotech ai

compute platforms of deepest local-global data sovereignty

Computers whose vision grows up with the same 20000 objects infants grow up with- alumni of Li have ended need to be an expert in bill gates style binary programming- you can now describe innovation challenges at living planet object levels. Wouldnt every educator, parent, community want kids to be fee to learn this?

Ok our databank is very rough. Organised as a simple word file, we include above and other codes to sort by. And a column associating a good human with unique connections her or his alumni celebrate linking in. Of course if your good is inspired by starting up a different first 4 of 21st C believers in millennials good (redefining education as how we all improve each others service intelligences), or a different post-war free generation triad than the NET , go for it: edit your thousand very good databank accordingly and if you wish join us in openai verygood worldclassllm.com ai20s.com EconomistEnglish.net Economistarts.com