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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

We'll update this space with AIVERYGOOD for year of 2023-

 sightings welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk associate AIgames.solar bard.solar worldclassLLM.com ed3dao.com mathsadao.com and 20 Economist Blogs of future worlds we see from NET journalist est 1951 established by The Economist and training sessions withNeumann-Einstein-Turing on computers & brains

bits of pm sunak interview with elon musk https://twitter.com/RishiSunak/status/1720187297558065441
 turned aiverygood eg sunak commitment to education with ai tutors 

but also parts sounded far too easy 

there were so many people at bletchley that sunak could have done quick fireside chats in to get rounded view - eg hassabis sitting in front row
outside of big corporates, aiverygood leapt forward around fei-fei li hosting imagenet - training computers to see what humans can see- 3 professors engaged very seriously through the 8 year of expoentially deeper training  - Yann LeCun (NY), Hinton (Torinto) , Bengio (Montreal) - conseqeunce together these  four have trained most of today's hottest ai wizards- out in a few days the full more nuanced story of wirld I see with  fei-fei Li thorough 15 year entrepreneurial revolution since being welcomed to stanford 2009; that year she met the otherunder30s newly minter neuroscience-tech doctor - demis hassabis - science has never seen such rapid leaps as team Hassabis Deep Mind/Google Brain now oit of London and HAI Valley

Thanks to Antonio Guterres and his order of selecting intel friends- August 2023 together with world class linguistic translation uniting 1001 cultures' intents,

 we are now alive to the first time 8 billion beings explore what human intelligence can architect very good media .

 To see why such freedom has taken so long to vision,  education as a system and millennials as the last generation capable of preventing extinction need to understand accidents associated with the birth of television age and  unitiing earthlings around international telecoms; Switzerland 1920s was where worldiwde tel-engineering was technically born but Von Neumann and Einstein soon decided it was safer to help world design that out of princeton; the question arises wen in 1945 worldwide coms and comps engineering policy was handed to NY UN HQ why did it take 78 years for our human worlds to see very good media?


August 2023

 _guteres chooses hois persona ai top advisory team; as UNB2 roadmap has dmoe'd since 2017 one day soon Nations Rating will depend on quality of highest lAI advisory & whether lawyers actually want publics to access AI best for millennial sustainability https://press.un.org/en/2023/sga2223.doc.htm more thanks to bard-assisted tracking at worldclassllm.com

Among ten reasons why LLMs are the portals to web3 and any good media of 2020s is progress NLP

https://media.nature.com/original/magazine-assets/d41586-023-01907-z/d41586-023-01907-z.pdf?pdf=button%20sticky    https://blog.allenai.org/sunsetting-cord-19-239fb2f9ff4a

Breakthrough of NLP first made in lit review cord19 of covid- Nature updates us on which academin publication monopolies most need unblocking - eg climate ai

April in D c attended one of the first annual bbefeings of AI.gov - there the chat gpt llm moonshot was clarified- there will soon be more LLMs than there are langauges- they are the new portal to web3 - bye bye to any metaverse addicetd to googgles; every advanced country needs multiples llms to malke sure nothing only known in its laguage is left out of the web3 fusion;plugins may be to llms to waht key apps were $g bigegst digotals; now milennails know what teh race is- can verygoollm outrace the others


  1. While the first two world wars had multiple causes, the bad design of new meda was pivotal. To see how this hapened we need to review the first man-made engines dfrom Glasgow 1760s. These began with physical power beyond that of man an hiorse as well as precison tools - better time keeping smarter navifation compasse. It extneded to tarsnportation systems begiining wioth trains which began the expoential rise of city life. By now central europeans invented elctricity- the mid 19th century beginning of infrastructure archoitects. The n switeralnd ITu was assigned role of standards for worldwid coeprations in communications 1865. From telegraphs to telexes, eadio and radar, telephones to the beginning of television. Sadly these new tools were used to war over different peopels p;laces not to design win-win trading maps needed to go beyond the era of empires.

  2. Sadly the television age scaled new levels of fake media almost by accident. The started television as a civil society (world service) network which every household invested in - ER's 3rd force celebrating deep community trust in contrast to ever bigger corporations and bigger gov. Then world war2 required media be governed by secrets- and after world war 2 while brits households still made all the investment in BBC tv , government never gave back freedom of mediation of good human intel to the people. Meanwhile across the pond, television was launched as 99.99% corporate. Every bigger forces battling for peoples minds with promises they had less and less systems capability to keep www.expsai. Its all quite a tragedy how fake media (tele to web1 to web2) has spiraled more an more lies and hate given that from 1945 the Un had the engineering responsibility to design worldwide trust standards. Now in August 2023, we face webfree last chances to save both the souls in the machines and 8 billion human souls -questions to Intelligences like you & yours- can we and you and I help transform every human relationship goal back www.aisdgs.com from leading to extinction? around Guterres what a game