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Monday, July 31, 2023

 The college year 23/24 aligned to UN global future forum – so much is chaotically up in the air- what follows is more of a discussion topic – feedback welcome 

 From the start of computing engines, the Net wondered who Would be the UN’s best partners of tech. Not the least because while the Switzerland ITU had been everyone’s partner in progress of tel-coms machines the region around Switzerland had been embroiled in 2 world wars from which Neumann and Einstein had needed to emigrate to Princeton

The Economist's journalists trained to  ask the NET’s inter-generational questions. Neuman had top 4 exponential risks/opportunities in mind:

Future of energy

Future of digital age multipliers with all other engines

Designing above zero sum trade models

All the agendas that UN & emerging multilateral systems were being asked to unite human development around

(he was also very concerned - would gov ever ebd the age of top secrets temporarily needed during war)

Provisionally Neumann suggested to The Economist to keep surveying The question: what goods will peoples unite where they get first access to 100 times more Tech per decade ?(as eg silicon valley evidently did with moores law (100 times extra analytical capacity of chips every decade) since 1964)

During the first 12 years it became clear that there were 5 regions with first access: around  Switzerland, princeton-ny -ne to boston mit via eg IBM, Yale and DEC (all beneficiaries of neumann's open source computing engines) Princeton-NY south by south west – mainly space, atomic and gov tech The silicon triangle Santa Clara standard and soon mountain view- this extended Up to San Francisco's and Berkeley and twinned with Seattle 

Japan and coastal belt south. Kennedy was a superb leader in inspiring youth – moon and satellite races, peace corps , mapping interdependence were all Youthful inspiration; but as many thing fell apart in US during the decade of assassinations of the Kennedys and black leaders, there is little Evidence that any us leader since has involved youth main futurizing and indeed Nixon hatred of youth started disinvestments eg rising student demand indeed every big taxation scheme being pro-seniors and anti youth as well as negative to family/community

Notably Nixon taking Dollar off gold standard led the economist from 1972 to flag up that the 5 futures of the 5 deepest SDgoals would need new dev partners than governments elected through left right rivalries And ever bigger forms of gov and corporate -this became The Economist entrepreneurial revolution survey 1976 as well Asia survey of the future livelihoods of half of people living east or iran. (Pacific coasts supports over 70% of peoples trades versus Atlantic population under 25%

If we fast forward to 21st C, it doesn’t make sense vis a vis neumann  logics to make sdg17 ppp partnerships; 

Taking a view of the 73 years of tech for good we can now see that vision coded HumansAI platforms offer the best chance of designing UN partherships  if millennials are to be the sdg generation

2023, Suddenly ai is everywhere but which of it is human-centric as far as urgently valuing millennial sdgs?In the wet mostAI was big corporare with one exception alumni of vison coded ai – 20 years of connecting around thesis of FFL including 14 at stabnford
In the east it’s a bit more complicated; lot of countries development leapfrogged wired electricity and phones and big retail and credit cards; so ai unicorns often connected e-sectors on the east in ways they hadn’t in the west where typically a few big orgs became 4g data crunchersIn 2023 LLM have suddenly apeared in middle of this – technically they depended on NLP which was part of vision coding – but they are new seen to be the main gateways to web 3 so race is one between big and community scaled networks – try and unite around the best community 1000 language model and validate this by which plugins they partner- will the UN have a sdgs plugin relationship with the most humanLLM?

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