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Wednesday, September 16, 1970


 One relative weakness of UN is explaining the best of its work and educational leaps to American communities. Ms Tsai and Tandon are residents of Brooklyn funding 2 of Aemerica’s greatest Neuroscience labs (Stanford/Yale) in case of Mrs Tsai and the number 1 women engineering school in Brooklyn in case of Mrs Tandon

Ms Dowds

Sheikha Moza

Melinda Gates
Priscilla Chan.


Fei-Fei Li
Von Neumann.

Ms Tsai

Steve Jobs
Fazle Abed,

.Andrew Ng
Condoleeza Rice

Lila Ibrahim
Oren Etzioni

If we look at centre-left-bottom boxes, these people renewed the 21st c soul of Silicon Valley. With 9/11 positive energies of millennial age seemed to burst except where the valley connected with Steve Jobs hosting of  the 65th birthday wish party of Fazle Abed, the womens nation builder of Bangladesh and rural women lead deepest routes to end poverty. Both men’s number 1 vision became transformation of 21st C universities particularly so female graduates broke through silos – millennials are one as alumnisat generation. Jobs readied the valley for his university in a mobile phone. Abed started connecting real universities with one he founded in Dhaka. Several deep connectors took notice out of Stanford- Andrew Ng who founded moocs; Jerry Yang who sold up Yahoo to connect worldwide youth and Stanford;, later Condoleezza Rice transforming visions of 21st c public srtvice out of Hoover at Stanford. 2009, when Fei-Fei Li arrived in Stanford, it was the first time in 31 year life that everyone wanted to work with her. Girl did the next 8 years of imagenet become the biggest open source data project the world had seen, as well as the first complete bridge to  Neumann’s hopes for blending digital citizen intelligence and neuroscience. There’s little argument that Mountain View has created more digital riches than any other 21st C tech town. But is it humanity’s number 1 cooperation space on earth? MOONSHOTS ON EARTH: Googlers Page, Brin., PIchai are all Stanfird alumni. Its not so much a question of which sister Town’s 2020s  Stanford or Mountain View needs the other most. Humanity needs both towns to humanise AI and race to translate 1000 mother tongues into best apps eg UN sdgs could be what the winning LLM achieves-. Ironically it may yet be the top left corner and bottom right corner that advances AI science the most: bringing eg 200000 protein database from London  Deep Mind-Alphafold2 and SeatTle deep NLP genii from AI2.  Economistwomen.com  updates a lot more details.

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