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Wednesday, September 16, 1970


 1951: In training Economist Journalists to value Intelligence futures, Von Neumann saw that community sustainability would increasingly depend on how peoples time and data is spent not just how paper money is globally printed


Parallel to The Economist surveys of applications of 100 times more tech per decade, attention turned to entrepreneurs whose designs of globalisation would need to track S priority foundations of human development 1 smarter finance for poorest, 2 food security, 3 basic health for all, 4 livelihood education, 5 gender futures.  Together with ending wars,  these have been challenges throughout human existence, add in 2 new unprecedented cooperation changes that the 3 main generations of 1950-2025 need to systematically transform round:   going green and celebrating how computational tools could smarten every human brain. Q3 of C20 saw two very different advances in intelligence which we may tour as hi-tech and hi-trust. The latter concerned 3 main causes of infant deaths: starvation, dehydration and infectious diseases. Scaling solutions to these challenges foundational to advancement in places where billions of peoples had no electricity let alone other tech. INB both Gates and Jobs as first 2 leaders of personal computer networking admit that it wasn’t to 21st C that they had knowledge of end-poverty networking challenges and empowering worlds poorest women. Differences between places where life expectancy stuck in the 40s to world mid 20th c norms of the 60s is the loss of a whole generation. Higher intelligence is not sufficient until world is united around sharing life-critical knowhow solutions. Conversely these multiply value in use unlike consuming up things. Von Neumann made it very clear that above zero-sum economists are integral to Intelligence engines having good consequences for humanity. Who else do you nominate at AIGames.solar ?

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