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Wednesday, September 16, 1970


UN Goal 5 Valuing Productivity & Love of Womens Intelligence as much as men 

Norman Macrae’s last 2 years to 2010 began a legacy quest around Goal 5 celebrating maps of most sustainable supporters of womens intelligences -eg Abedmooc.com Remembrance parties from Scotland’s Adam Smith Scholars at Glasgow University to Japan Ambassador in Bangladesh helped us update a Tic Tae Toe gameboard with consequential couples. Try out (Fall23) tour tour of womens AI (UN goal 5). Or co-create SDG Intelligences tours 7,6,4,3,2,1 on the last 6 pages of this booklet 

Hassabis Ms Dowds

Guterres Sheikha Moza

Melinda Gates Priscilla Chan.

Page/Brin Pichai

Fei-Fei Li Von Neumann.

Ms Tsai MsTandon

Steve Jobs Fazle Abed

Andrew Ng Condo Rice

Lila Ibrahim Oren Etzioni

 21st C: After slow start: see mobilising of machine visons and accelerating win-wins aligned to positive development of mathematical gamble Von Neumann’s NET. Can human brainpower unite unprecedented exponential of changing communal value multipliers? Out of Stanford, women lead millennials mathematical wizardry with Fei-Fei Li rockstar of HumansAI in midst of hundreds of deep data maps so computers now vision urgent interdisciplinary solutions the younger half of world needs to web3. ED3’s transformational valuation of millennials began when Li transferred to Stanford from Princeton 2009-her generative revolution of AI is open to everyone matching Von Neumann's final lecture on neuroscience research. Imagineer future possibilities of machines seeing the most urgent problems humans see all round mother earth, with AI becoming humans’ real-time agency (& LLMS) of trusted data for just-in-time human application. Look at centre-top-right entries of gameboard. Top right: the West’s 2 most powerful intergenerational female philanthropists include 35 year old Ms PC. Their 23-24 combo foci: health of infants, bio tech. women empowerment worlds Both can multiply friends of Fei-Fei Li’s other giant world leaps of Fall 2023. Support Guterres UN AI circle on climate and biotech including risks foreseen in Li’s booklet AI Superpowers which she sums up from 22-23 year of serving US Ai.gov. Contribute to Guterres & Moza’s EducationAboveAll  with Schools AI stemming from 2017: Gates funds 10 open schools curricula of AI  by Fei-Fei Li at AI-4-all.org.  Read all about Stanford third of Li’s life journey Worlds I See being published Fall 2023 Gates Women Empowerment genre to be smart schools book of the year wherever humanising Ai is up your street.

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