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Thursday, August 10, 2023

what has happened to nations promising to cooperate with peoples round 16 goals (we revision 17 as un tech envoy systems roadmap not PPP)

 Back in 2015 nations  promised to help connect 16 goals - today in 2023 every goal overall is collapsing

perhaps we peoples need to demand all deceision makers go back to basics - lets make sure ediucation spends everyoine's time (youth and elders) optimally; lets design data so societies acn apply intel most needed in life critical situations

probably the greatest educator ever fazle abed  - see abedmooc.com (30 partnership platforms over his 50 yeras as architect of empowering women  ending poverty)  1billiongirls.com girlsworldbank.com -showed that the worlds poorest village women in the 8th most populous nation could build bangladesh fro famine, destruction by war and cyclone through education; for 25 years theu built mainly with goals 1 to 5 end poverty financing; last mile food services; last mile health services; livelihood education for all; empoweriing women to be communities most productive intergenerational networkers; when partners brought solar and mobile from late 1990s these villagers wh previously had no electricity grids -  women started leapfrog models making some progress on UN goals 6 to 8

but ultimately goal16 downward to 9 require worldwide cooperation - peace climate infrastructure as does scaling green growth- so can ai help find the model the younger half of the world needs not to be the first generation hurtling to extinction

we catalogue the 30 most collaborative platforms poorest communities applied 1972-2019 with abed's partners in architect intelligence- play the AIgames- wheere are the 2020s abed's and how can train the LLMs to celebrate humanity's Architects of Intelligence

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decide on 2020s women whose intelligence  smart chats and LLMs may need celebrate roadmap

 ref AI4all:  we welcome your additions to the extraordinary herstory Fei-Fei Li & Melinda Gates & Condoleeza Rice & Lila Ibrahim & Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna  coopeartively review at The Worlds I See : and Priscilla Chan who at western worlds number 1 thorty something philanthropist is well placed in the next town down from Stanfird HAI

An inspiring personal journey from immigrant childhood to trailblazing scientist, The Worlds I See advocates for overcoming societal barriers and makes a compelling case for a human-centric, ethical approach to AI."

Jennifer Doudna, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, CRISPR pioneer, and coauthor of A Crack in Creation
The Worlds I See by Dr. Fei-Fei Li
It is worth noting that if ever anyone deserved a Nobel prize for economics it must be Dr Fei-Fei Li but there is a catch 22 most of her work values win-win economics and this seems to be a field the Nobel Committee, as neither Smithian moralists nor Keynesian systems pragmatists, may never be open to celebrating

AI2020s ; let's begin joy of 21st c being:

Back in 2006 the National Science Foundation sponsored Fei-Fei Li to activate her Princeton Doctorate on AI Vision Coding  Machines: it would take a heck of  a lot of "computing computing!" ; so she invited peer mathematicians and societal designers yo assembled imagenet - vision coding of computers instead of binary programs

This entrepreneurial revolution was only fully applauded when landing in Stanford 2009 she was greeted by the likes of Andrew Ng founder of Coursera MOOC, then many more on campus and at neighboring corporate town of mountain view;  what if silicon valley 21st c rebirth celebrated hosting the most energetic annual competition intelligence ever cooperated around; 

with Inet platform ,   fei-fei li became the connector of the Goats of humans AI- eg Hassabis 2010 whose games soon evolved to value core of deepmind google brand architecture as one early cooperation friend

Friends20 asked bard: will fei-fei li's book in november published in the melinda gates moment imprint map ai world's most female empowering connectors of sdgs intelligence?

Bard Said I think it is likely that the book will include a timeline of Li's work, which would help to clarify her network over the years. It would also be interesting to see if the book includes any information about her work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)====

help friends20 expand list of womens AI across cities without frontiers

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