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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

23/17/19 Happy 72nd birthday to me and (female & male) Macs everywhere and indeed families at any gps where the next girl or boy is birthing
. I think its time that my brain was free to say what it sees even if 99%  of my most powerful neighbors (inside capital beltway) will do most anything a(ncluding trilion of dialrs on ads and antisocial media0 to drowm my voice. 
ED: THE AI GAMES - Architect Intelligence 2025 back from futue=re of 1951
Please note the AIgames.solar free you to choose your own pack of Architects of Intelligence.

 By all means scrap me as you chose your own fantasy league (I'm here to learn chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk)  but know that I repreeent a non-nation lucky enough tohave friends inside every border:at a family level the intelligence people most want to app starts with the same foundations (at least thats the map arising from50 years after getting my MA at Cambridge DAMP- all the data interviewing parents i have collected as a statistician- the largest databasr i helped collect was pan-asia for harvard and mit professors in the decade before personal computing software bema a thing. Talking of Entrepreneurial Revolution (intelligences studied out of The Economsit since 1976, and across Europe with firsst large language tranlator Romano Prodi) albeit more qualitively the same basic last mile community goals ring true as i vsiitied bangladesh 16 times to map how women networs were designed  empowered end of poverty since 1970. If you dont like Fazle Abeed's x=calogue of sdg solutions- ask melinda gates, guterres, jim kim, or another 50 servant leader intelligences abed inspire

 -1/400 humans diaspora scots where accidently the birt of engines and of moral sdetiment human realtiosnhips mapping began. So we scots are used to being igbored excapt teh sat=rt of each yerar when teh festical of aulg langsyne unites our species for a monet. Today we could all plugin to Hogmanay LLM all the time if you choose to help thsoe at the UN who will beried you seotember that so far every one of the 16 goals natiosn said were most vital to life in 2015 is dying. OUr systems are spinning away from natures.
.iAIgames.solar is supported by matjematicains who have seen enough data from every gpson eartn and space-  at tipping point ith #extinctionwish so we wish you bon courage  with how you play and whose intelligence you celebrate- and at teh top of this blog we will try and answer teh question if guettres is teh most connected engineer with bringing the ssdgd back to life which engineers does he need a brainstorming hotline with now

 Whast ast mile service goals do we want to unite 8 billions humans life times and data begs another round of questiosn

united involves collaboration emotional inteligence eg trust and courage and love and relenatless energy while persforming a service; systems need transparency and are designed by expeoentails (up is a system that win-win-wins) betwennall its promised; colapse hapens when anykey stahkeholder esepcially al of soecity is left out of the mapping

so what systens has good human inteligence tried to map and sometimes implemented..

Since 1951 von neumann trained some economics journalists in the system transformation challenge as validated bu the GOATS of maths: NET= Neumann Einstein Turing (all born in europe- two in the lab of 3 world wars 1914-2023, This is a strange mainly landlocked corridor briding continent of europe/asia from arctic circle north to the landbridge to the 3 continents now sitting atop the suez canal where the med sea turns


  that economics was not a mathematcally true sstem expeomentially but if tjey integrated with every tech elap coming from digital engineering the chances of milennails throving wouldf be good; this matered a lotto neumann and his alumni net einstin tr=iuring- 2 of their lives were cut short by dedicating most of tehir life to ensuring teh allies got the atom bomb; moreover von neumann who lived longest of teh 3 had less than 12 yeras to parent teh futire of digitalsiation teh marrying of human and digital inteligence; neumann clarifued the key survey of all futuers journalism ask what goods will peopel unite where through tech hac=ve first aces to over 100 times more value multipliers per decade

by 1964 - 7 yaers after von neuman's dath and hsi last lectires compuetrs ad braisnall tehse multiplier were playing out where humans were lucky to0 try them fisdt

100 times more silicvon computaional capacity per decade hub Valley

Japanese microelectoronic desihns which stimaulted programmable chip due to deming's qyality engineersing

wortldwide satellite braidcasting

bullet tarins and shipping containerisation each at elast 10 times more economic to ship supoy netwo0rks up and sown caistal belts

also in the valley olsen's minbi computers were being used by macarthy wjo had twnned ai labs between mit and stanford

Ironically between 1965 and 18445 every communicatiosdn etch of worldwide connectivitu was agreed out of switerlandf ITU which had vecome integrated with elague of natiosn from 1820 and thus the UN hq ny 1945 ; amaking us east coast corridors , the swiss neiborhood, teh west caost corridor, teh jaaponese cpastal belth where humansd by 1964 saw innocvation multiplying at leasdt 100 tikes more per decade

von neumann had amde it clear that by the 1990s digital webs would liekly incraese the interdedae multipluer of way over 100 and by the 2020s nearer a million times more per decade- so if you value tehse future maps - clrsarly you need the most human of engineers nd agreemneyt of society's united goals - eg every next gorl no9rn has a fair chance of life- this has nothing whatever to do with economists and luegislaty=ures luddite monoply systems - so help us play AIgames.solar whether you are lucky to be in human ai valley or unlucky (on a clear day with a telescope i used to like looking at teh whoite houes but whats been  spinning out of DC t=isnt this scot's cup of cha thsi 21st C; the god enws is you can play teh aigames.silar selecting your own architects of intelligences geared to what ever is most urgent to societies you help build; but the imporant news from this lie=ke fazle abed who helped billion poorest vialge women end extreme poverty is value nature and see that mso=ost infectios diaes and other life criticsal chaleges requre sharing what worl=ks as basic last miles services- less than one quarter of natiosn will ever partipcate in the market dc vcals comoetitive mearkets; among teh white led nations in thsie matkets are less than 10% of huamns - so we need intelligence that values the time and data og 9/20 of huamns that the average lobbysint insude the beltway has never seen and behaves as if do not exist-

1758 adam smit moral sentiments markets system was fascicating - it was the ;asdt wprk on systems that were all nature made ie ebfore engineers man-made sustems

scots were in tehir secind generation oif being colonsied by london so after expereinces of how oxford profes served thmeselves and london bureaucrats not youth smit suggested engineersd take their goods to the enw world but chsoe a state that also valued all peopels (ie no slavery); smiths wo0rk may seem verry inocnet but we scots wil not acept academics who claim to represent smith but change some his system patersns

 soee glasgow university h=jouranl of new economics or journal o0f socoal bsuiness

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