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Sunday, August 13, 2023


UNWater Spring 2023: I am no expert but I dont fully understand the UN's first headquarters water summit (sdg6) in nearly 40 years. Among thousands of suggestions, their 6 agenda themes are ordered below. One of my expectations of AI LLMs is that very soon the linear choice of how to catalogue results from many thousands of debriefings will no longer be as critical as it was this spring

BUT until this brain liberation,  my sense is the overarching action catalogue 8 billon people and HumansAI need ought to gravitate around : mapping risks from water  : 0.1 prep for risks of suddenly being too much water; 0.2  foresee suddenly or systematically being too little water; 0.3 dirty water as number 1 killer of population segments such as village chlldren; 0.4 water needs to be a leading First Grade Curriculum . FGC is a phrase AIGames.solar uses for something all schools need to keep questioning without borders so there is intergenerational advance of intelligence/humanity distributed (and data-mapped) anywhere nature and humans interact

This valuetrue viewpoint of water arose from 2004  asian tsunami while i was moderating the EU's knowledgeboard from the frame of emotional intelligence and intellectual capitals. There were so many silos in EU KM that I co-edited entrepreneurial demands for piloting interdisciplinary networks of excellence and we branded "water angels" as the most populous first movement applying worldwide virtual community tools to as they existed in  2005 ( the final years beg=fore mobile and 4G exponential changed how to share life-shaping intelligence).. One highlight : Brazil staged a European Social Forum early 2005 summarising knowledge distributed during the catholic church's year oi water as a human right, and before presidency Lula led a bon aqua curricula relevant to celebrating all Brazilians water consciousness.

 What do you think? Am I too simple-minded or have experts got to stage where they have walled themselves in from the most urgent knowhow 8 billion humans need to unite social actions around? And where is  transformational education system design in this era of Human & Art Intelligence?


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