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Saturday, August 11, 1973

 Jaime I have booked monday 10.30 calendy -congrats on Brand Therapy Services - if understand aiverygood futures such as those fei-fei li and hassabis and by http://www.worldclassllm.com then every new york agency needs replacing with something you appear to be designing -if you use whats app i am at +1 240 316 8157

not sure where to start - but few possible conversation lines on worlds we see

From fake media to fake measurements we're in broken system trouble-  10 years of work at price waterhouse coopers) I can say things like ESG  Indeed all sustainability metrics are exponentially irrelevant (actually irresponsibly fake due to having no transformative system) until or unless we see integration of ai/llm into corporate brand leaders who break out and do the most purpose going forward valued by millennials goals which I assume the sdgs represent; back in the early 1990s my book brand chartering clarified that those who most loyally relate to a brand  (be that corporate, nation, faith or other cultural movement) do through many identifiers -the brand language coded into their brain - so today if a brand already has a character voice that would seem to be what needs now to be the llm voice

I am not up in who leads the llm technology though http://www.bard.solar  i want to search google-stanford because if they fail on llm good its hard to see where us soul will rise again - happy to learn there are other ways out of devilish media crisis we're trapped in -so it would be fantastic to know a handful of your overall tech heroines or herioines; maybe there is a way to co-unite you and them as that is part of the intent of AI Games: Architect Intelligence
how's your calendar vis a vis  trip to  manhattan; would like to come up and meet sonner rather than later; can try and get eg john kiehl of http://www.soundtracknewyork.com to join 

new york at a unique crossroads between un media agency finance and education as well as potentially the only us city that might be trusted by the 10 most sustainable cities in the world (whichever those are but eg tokyo being one and my hope is kong kong another) - between dad 260+ smith/Watt 70 neumann 50 fazle abed , 20 fei-fei li, 1 Zbee  and i we have made 100 east-west trips so as diaspora scots , the world we see must end conflict gaps between asia and the west ; there are lot of new yorkers who might join in that discussion but I dont know whats the first paying project even though I am concerned the un will collapse if while led by Guettres it doesnt get dynanic of identity, purpose and partnership architecture rising soon; and if un collapses where the younger half of the world will be I dont know EsustainabilityG -what if Sustainaility & uniting 200 nations impossible unless.. 

all the best, chris

back in 1990s i wanted to transform brand valuation aroudn multiple stakeholders in a brand eladers prurpose- not just 90 day number making; the key question of brand chartering who in the world would uniquely miss what if you did not exist - this probably applies to where brands ai identity needs to go forward

the issue is auditing this question properly goes to transpareny of busienss model; mapping expoenetials including any parners from brand architecture

my work on brand purpose from 190s doverailed with my da'ds liufe work at the economist and as von neumann's biographer and futures jouranloust of the internet- I edited a triple issue of 1999 journal basically arguing brand reality would deterimne whether we avoiided exticntion ; the same question seems many expoentails miore urge nt now even if its the ai sould of leadership which may be causing 2023's extrortdinary media debates

cheers chris

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