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Friday, December 31, 2010

AIgames.solar bard.solar AIsdgs.com expsAI.com 2010 - Architect Intel back from extinction?

Welcome from chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Architect Intel (AI): 

PLAY THE AIGAMES (diary :journalism of NET Transformation est 1951, english, LLM aigoodmedia, friends2020s) 

AND HELP SAVE THE WORLD  play with associates AIgames.solar  bard.solar ExpsAI.com  


Please may we clarify : gamesters wanted everywhere to help milennials and the world's mosrt urgently empsathic innovation leaders like UN leader Guterres. Do you want to see the worlds his best for world engineering advisers  see needs scaling and doing, and truly celebrating?. Humans and AI can roadmap in 2020s (stasticaaly speaking) just-in-time to prevent extinction

Does your vision ask how are 8 billion beings time & daata being spent. Borrow our MagicSpex to see

Just in the last 2 years, 3 A-Inteligence netwo0rks have started solving problems all humans have as distinct to make big corpiration and big government beter:

deep mind "scinece ai" -where science is bilogy, chemistry physics and so potentially reduce carbon & plastiv

gradduate ai -any discipline stdients graduate in now has ai version iof you partners stanford hai

lingusitic ai which is opportunity to reverse every fake media so far built as well as to nlp liubaries beyond academic paper joutnalised silos

which goals are likely to need which ai- interstingly vast majority of community banking does not need science ai- its been developed wherever communities empower women so we need linguistic ai to share that- ist true that the ichest nations big investment decisions made need science ai but the responsibility of human ai is to end monp;oies wherever that is blocking sdgs
siece ai is liklely to be most vital for goals 16 going downwasrd to 8 jobs 7 solar 6 water/sanitaion
some mix undergrad interdisvciplinary ai and lingustic mediation ai may ve needed most for ccommunity sustainability at leasdt mile eg goals 2,3,4,5 (hai=17*1) and the briudged in going green 6-8 from replicating community up adaptation to system moonshots 

AIGames: The Calling : co-create fantasy league round Architects of Intelligence:

 who's intelligences most advanced the human lot since 1950 AND whose back from futures intelligences you chatter about now as most worth valuing and actioning..

 One of our species greatest media challenges is: the 20th century designed platfprms to make enterainment heroines and heroes globally famous overnight. The problem economically and socially is communities do not yet have aeffiecnt pltfrms for celebrating  heroines/heroes milennials and educators most need to interact with : if our species agress the overarching vakuation goal ito be  millennials = first suistainability generation.

.......What to vision at AIGames Demo Round 1? - Join valuetrue purpose orbitts as declared UN sdgs 2015:  play with associates AIgames.solar  bard.solar ExpsAI.com  :  what world do you see- does it integrate exp purpose of 1 money-trust-flow 2 food (human energy) 3 health 4 edu 5 she-too 6 water-santation 7 solar 8 livelihoods community builds ... AIsgdgs.com - you can choose any combo of the goals and any gps on earth- so whose intels do you most need to linkin NB only these AI goods can save us now- once you know oine or two of them you wont need to worry about ethics ai- you will be doing good ai unless you dont actually want to do a real sdgs, you want to police eg bad media, of those in AI weaponsing markets or sasd stuff which is not what AIGames sees 95% of human brain s needing to get doing

Quite simply roadmapping sdgs looks at where they connect - food, climate, peace, solar, water, she-too built communities have all exp advanced the last half century where thesever exps are explicitly valued/grounded as safe-community multipliers not siloised markets not siloised workers intels. From december 2022 whenever you found asmart online chat it would open up these connections however top secret their past. This put educators in hell- why hadnt they opened up to milennai;l stdunts earlier- at ed3dao.com a new yorked called vriti is trying to help first 10000 educatirs moonshot out of hell; each aisdg has a similar heroine - let's share who they are if you want to help .....


For example if you have never heard of the rising stars since 2006 of Fei-Fei Li and Demis Hassabis then you cannot see how humanly graet 21st C engineering and goodtech can get with you and yours. 

To start up, our game offers 3 types of guided brans tours to help you choose and chat about your AI fantasy league. 


Gamma tours feature seeing what people like Li and Hassabis are inviting their world class connectors to believe in and do with a little support of newly designed brain tools. You dont need to be a world class engineer to see how their worldwide innovation networks address some of the deepest chalenges of communities preventing extinction. Yo can also see how Gamma tour leaders are briefing peoples in high places; White House, Cngress, UN as well as where their deepest work branches eg silicon valley and north central london.


Betaq tours leapfrog -and brisdge generations of the last 80 years - as further detailed lower down


Alpha tors are morre chronological in  their intent to integrate visions. AT www.EconomistEnglish.net we explore a mindset query that has risen in 2023’s concept of 1001 language models -could it be that English can exceed even the bard’s artistic climaxes by paingy the lead role in blenging  one thousand mother togues with the digital maths code of the 1950s NET Alpha1 tour: Neumann-Einstein_Turing …


Alpha tours can turn future histiry into lively reconciliation dynamics opposite to being examind on the past’s legal perfects. Do you have a particular story to tell in revisiting histiry's ups and downs- evident if you dig your family tree.


Take my father’s action learning curve for instance of exploring human curiosity’s exponentials. He spent his last days as a teenag naigator in allied bomber command Burma. That was a depressing time. He had the good foirtune to survive; be tutoured by Keynes on broken susyems; hired by The economsit editor Geoffrey Criwther who had just finsished poublishing the first century oif The Economsit's ups and downs in trying to help from 1843 th thenn young Queen Victoria chnage empire  the english constitution.


 In 1951, Editir crowther sent father fir a yeras secondment in pribceton and new york. Their father was pretrained by Von Neumann in the NEt's ourpose of digitaliston (NET+Neumann Einstein Turing). All of the NET had spent most of their lives on hekping the allies win the atomic bimb race which Einstein's work as a young man had accidentally invenetd while he and neumann were stillin in the region of Euroipe that generated the world wars. Arguably the greatest ever mathmaticins whad designed the future of compuetrs and brisn to be theitr positive leagcy, At treh same tume, the 4 biggest crises as Von Neumann visioned thyem in hsi alst 7 years of life are congriuent with the 4 extinction-prone crises today.

1 future of energy

2 futire of uniting nations

3 future of 8 billion huamns mediating cooperation to prevent extinction

4 mapping above zero-sum trading and market pourposes

Please note there is no perfect game - only games that can be deeply diverse enough to celebrate natural and family and youth develpment good potentially linking in  every GPS and coordinate of space. Can we share the vision of local to global mapping : to help us all help each other most urgently attend to solutions to our species greatest above zero-sum goals - including the existence of future generations aligned to mother earth's evolutionarry rules.


If the original NET’s friends and leaders eg JFKEnnedy who sequenced intelligence innovations are correct in recursive visons we can all share, then there will never be a more urgent decade than the 2020s. Its time to chat smartly about resolving the most life critical chalenges humans face each other around.

We can design world class language Models if we make our chat and celebration of media smarter and smarter without wasting another second looking back before we make giant leaps in conscisness and multiplyimg goodwill.


 Of course this will take some great mathematicalk mapping - but unlike my schoosl days of slie dulers we have all the computaional and communbication tools for the number cricnhing. Do we we have the worldwide colective willpower and emotional intelligence. This may be the 2020s examination not just of youth but every age group as lifelomg students and mentirs

My afther's last decade was the 2000s- he saw it as eerie repeat of teh 1900s. Have we all made the region (N-S Eurasia borsers) that spun 20th c word wars any safer? His last public birthday wish party in 2008 (Subprime Year) invited 50 of Saint James most curious elders and youth to the aptly named Royal Automobile Club to debate systen changes like green as an imprivemnt on carbon,  education versus media, innovation systems designs beyond paper money by the richest old males in the west and asian's poorest young women empowrermet moivements. Dad and I had boht visited Asia doznes of times professionally but dads legacy was to sned me through 2-010s on another 25 tripe mainly to Bangaldesh lo listen to bottom billion womens architects of intelligence www.abedmooc.com.


So while my 70 something mind is afar too ancient to see the best AI games to be played, I can offer some beta tirurs which leapfrog aro0und the last 75 years My hope is we can find Beta Tuurs which  help inter-generate solutions at the most scary years of humanity.  For example, 2001 was an overwhelmingly sad and bad year for human spirit and action, But did you know in that same year steve jobs hoisted silicon valleys 65th birthday party for fazkle abed the main architec of 1 billion asian poorestwimens empowetmnt since 1970 do you know how teh architect of rural vilage empowerment mutilly helped steve jobs and gave the silion valey region. And in the spirit of the English salon game consequnces - do you know the consequnce and what the world may hsve said about this extraordinary blending of mindsets and life visions. the chnace to consuder rebranding itselh human ai valey instead of silicon valley


Gmae ON! -If you have time to celebrate the twin mapping dynamics of ExpsAI.com - EXPloring and EXPonentially valuing maps of doing humans most exciting goals with an intergenerational vision.

Friday, January 1, 2010

until 2010 we were mainly interested in helping pre-teens question muhammad yunus and other nobel peace bankers and mobile partners of the poorest village mothers and their offspring - so that's why stuff dated up to 2010 will be that - eg our alumni dvd club www.yunus10000.com

This blog aims to continuously clarify who and how collaboration partners of global social business - Dr Yunus' big idea of the 2010s work- wherever posible we will try to publicise non-confidential info from the first 100 alumni and partners who met 7 nov 2009 to see how to end poverty through collaboration SB partnering